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Pastor A.N. Scott
Scott Christian Youth Center
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In 1974, Mother Scott opened the Scott Christian Youth Fellowship and Recreation Center, Inc.  The Center provides a summer recreation program for the youth of the city.  It also provides seven hot meals per week for anyone in need.  An emergency food pantry,clothing bank, counseling, bible study, arts and crafts, and music are also available.
Mother Scott's work has been recognized and is evident by her being presented with awards from the Black Expo, International Women's Department of the Church Of God In Christ, CYD, winner of the Jefferson Award, J.C. Penny Company Award, service awards from The Hunger Task Force, and the A.P. Randolph Service Award.
Her main interest is in helping others to do the work of the Lord.  She loves gardening,millinery,cooking and reading.
Mother Scott was the first appointed Shepherdess of the Church of God In Christ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1987 and is now pastoring a great congregation.
Her greatest aspiration is to move into additional areas to meet the needs of all people.